LMS at Lera

With the need for online skilling of talent amidst virtual workplaces and institutions, the e-learning market is predicted to exceed a value of $375 billion by 2026. The rapidly changing technological environment has accelerated the adoption of remote operations and cloud services across every industrial sector. The Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the most viable online tools to facilitate the learning and development of users and help them align their personal goals with changing organizational/institutional goals.

Learning Management System Technology
Learning Management System Technology Powering

Technology Powering Our LMS

Lera’s big data expertise can identify users who are struggling at different levels of the courses to catch up by leveraging data points mapped to specific metrics like activity rate, viewing time, and retention levels. Powered by the AI and machine learning technology from Lera, the e-Learning platform can be programmed to answer predefined questions and clarify common queries and save learning time. Augmented Reality can be used in Lera LMS, which will give users the ability to manipulate 3 dimensional visualizations so that they can view it from different angles for an immersive and interactive learning experience. We simplify the data analysis process by providing continuous support to your team on how to monitor and manage customer engagement by leveraging real-time reports and KPIs.

LMS Features

An efficient LMS assists organizations and institutions in creating, adopting, administering, distributing, and managing all the activities that are associated with online training and education. With a legacy of 17+ years, we have scaled ourselves to become an innovative solutions provider in Digital Transformation with a strong in-house competence in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Engineering and Data Analytics. Lera Technologies designs and develops highly configurable,
easy-to-use LMS. The robust learning management and delivery functionalities are equipped to empower and transform users for the challenging competencies of the future.

Learning Management System Features

The Benefits

Simple Implementation and Integration

Simple implementation
and integration

Reliable, Secure and Centralized Cloud Platform

Reliable, secure and
centralized cloud platform

Expand, Curate and Customize Learning Modules

Expand, curate and
customize learning modules

Track User Learning Paths with Ease

Track user learning
paths with ease

Learning Management Systems