Artificial Intelligence at Lera

With its increasing profound impact on business, artificial intelligence (AI) has been reckoned as a disruptive and transformative technology that organizations cannot ignore. Companies that recognize AI as an extension of human capabilities, not a replacement, are winning big time. At Lera, our technology experts push you to reimagine what’s possible and help you rewire operations and decision-making to extract the maximum benefit. We believe that to truly create impact, it is not just about investing in technology. With our big picture approach, we work with you to invest in your people and processes to reach your full potential and scale with AI. Our AI consultants specialize in targeting large value pools and finding capability gaps to drive company-wide success.

AI Technology Solutions

The Lera Offerings

Our AI platform helps you get better business insights with its full suite of applications powered with adaptive intelligence. The technology is aimed at transforming your business with automation, smart insights, and personalized recommendations. Along with defining the right AI strategy, our team will assist you in developing the right culture, mindset and ways of working to suit your company’s values. Working in hybrid and cross-functional teams, our practitioners ensure you derive value from the get-go.

We deliver AI solutions that provide a platform for data science teams to efficiently build, train, manage, and deploy machine learning (ML) models using techniques such as model reproducibility, secure collaboration etc.

We develop AI-powered chatbots for business applications that can interpret a user’s intent, automate processes, and deliver responses via voice and text commands.

The Benefits

AI Improves Worker Performance

Improve performance

Artificial Intelligence Reduces the Cost

Lower costs

Artificial Intelligence Security

Enhance security

Measuring Resilience in Artificial Intelligence

Develop resilience

Amplify Human Competencies

Amplify outcomes

Artificial Intelligence Help Reduce Human Errors

Reduce errors

AI improve Efficiency

Increase efficiency

Personalize Customer Experiences

Personalize experiences

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